Muffinlandia forgecraft server is about two things, good server physics (Working plugins, economy, no lag) and a fantastic community. That is what makes Muffinlandia truly amazing. Muffinlandia is a BETA server with a fully functional survival world. Creative, and RPG, minigames, and much more is coming soon. One of the things staff sets as a high priority is our community and we strive to improve that. we give a new meaning to friendly staff and don't stand for aggression between players. if you want a server where you can relax and make new friends Muffinlandia is the one for you. please join us, and enjoy survival as we continue to build the rest. -TankBlank (Gabe Blank, your server owner)
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  • Get connected!
    wanna join our community of gamers? its easy!
IP: Don't know how to get the pack?
  • Rules
    Each world has its own rules, however there are a few basic ones you should always follow.
1. Obey the staff
2. Respect all players
3. Watch your language
  • Banned items
    As long as you players don't abuse items we won't ban them, which is why Muffinlandia currently has no banned items. Good job!