The Muffinlandian Government,
Ruled by the two Tworlasi Gabe and Zach along with 3rd in command Jimmy Krouton the Muffinlandian Government was carefully established along the principles of peoples choice and government power. Ten other leaders in charge of various sectors of the government are also involved in policy and law.
The Muffin Language
universally spoken by all citizens. In a lot of ways it is incredibly simple but still challenging to learn. The two Tworlasi were originally from earth and knew English before inventing Muffin so it shares a lot of grammatical similarities while still being incredibly different in almost every way. Thus Muffin lortorous si thus galeha lortorous foren.
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Introduction To The Muffinlands Ruled by the two Tworlasi the Muffinlands is the most advanced, long lasting, and just nations in the history of the universe. Home to hundreds of billions of citizens speaking the native language 'Muffin' the nation is also the largest the universe has ever, or will ever see. Dictionary