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January 17th Nathanael Rorberg (right now my favorite Muffin minion) asked "Do black holes have anything to do with time travel, at all?" to which I promptly responded "On it boss" and then instantly forgot to write the entry. Today, I repay my debts. Before we get into todays topic I want to make an apology. Over the last few months I haven't written anything of length or holding much information. The reason for this is I have been spending most of my Muffin time working on the website but now since it is posted you will be seeing much more content. Lets get to black holes. Like usual a quick warning first, I am no coruis (physicist, rough translation) so these sorts of sciency questions are never going to be as detailed or accurate as questions narrowed more into my field. I know and am in charge of tons of coruisi and I do consult them in the making of these posts. If you guys want longer more detailed posts anything regarding politics, planets, the Muffin language, or culture is more my field. Like normal, a short answer then the long answer. Black holes have nothing to do with time travel but do have to do with time manipulation. So, lets get into that. First two definitions, the difference of time travel and time manipulation. Of course these are English translations of the Muffin words "Reylm" and "Masopu" and are not in anyway conclusive. reylm and masopu, in Muffin, are only words to describe time and shouldn't be used in another context. Reylm is defined as jumping through time or bending time on itself to reach another period. where as masopu is manipulating the time around you to push you forward or backward in time compared to the time outside your area. I will most likely get into the specifics of each variation of time travel (Technically only reylm is considered time travel) later on but the question was about black holes. Black holes have nothing to do with time travel (Reylm) but rather time manipulation (Masupu). Do to the massive gravitational field around the black hole the closer you get the slower time gets for you. What this means is as you get closer, to you, your watch wouldn't change, it would still gradually tick up second by second but as you looked out everything else would be rapidly speeding up. As you got closer and closer to the event horizon of the black hole the time outside would seemingly get faster and faster. Of course, the opposite is true, to those outside the black hole they would feel as if time was still steady for them and you were just going far slower. So, you could technically use black holes for time manipulation but there are a few problems. Unlike other methods of reylm or masopu you could only go 'forward' in time, you could jump closer to the black hole then jump out and be 1000 years from where you just were. . . but then there is no way of getting back, you'd be stuck. The second problem is it is highly unrealistic, the only way for the black hole to effect you is if the gravitational pull is strong enough, but then the problem is not getting sucked in. With the current technology of earth there is absolutely no way to pull this off for even a second, and even with the current tech of the Muffinlands we could only keep from being sucked in for a limited amount of time before being sucked in. Also, getting to a black hole in the first place (with earth tech) would take forever (The nearest black hole to earth is 1600 light years away... good luck). Long story short, black holes can be used as a form of time manipulation, but only if you want to travel 1600 light years, be dead once you get there, then be sucked into the black hole so your corpse can be forever thorum masuping into the future. Sorry to break your bubble earth, but I recommend you start investing into another method of time travel. You minions really should follow in the foot steps of Nathanael and ask some questions. See you in the next article. - Tworlas Gabe
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