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The waiting is over, my faithful Muffin minions the website is officially open! Hey guys, welcome to the brand new website featuring yours truly, Muffin news. For those of you who don't know 'Blank Studios' is my channel/production company and as I was building a website for that the though occured to me "Why not add a Muffin News section?" because it really just made since. The Muffin News website is going to allow me to do a lot more than any of the other options I have explored to bring you guys your Muffin information. First I did an email news letter, then I tried a wordpress blog, and finally a facebook page, but now finally I have complete control over the information and the way it is presented. The website will allow me to post articles and feature them as I wish, manage the tabs in the "Information" section to present clear concise information on individual topics, put pictures and other information within posts to help you have a better understanding, and much much more. Please note a few things: First of all the website is still almost completely under construction, most everything that you see is not final. I got it to a stable point and then posted it so you could begin enjoying it and testing it. At this point I would absolutely love feedback and ideas to improve your experience. Second, as I said in a previous post and will explain in more detail later on I can't take images back from the Muffinlands so what you see here are either things I have made on earth to represent the real Muffinlandian version or it is just stock footage off google or that I have taken to beautify the page. Cool, well explore the site, read about some Muffiness. Also, if you guys want check out the rest of the the Blank Studios part of the site. See you in the next article. - Tworlas Gabe
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